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Laura writes extensively on spiritual intuitively inspired subjects.   She is published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” has published articles and this blog.  As well, Laura has written the following immediately downloadable e-books for your delight, abundance and growth.  

FIRST CHAPTER FREE as refunds are NOT given for e-books purchased. 

SUBJECTS:  Soul Abundance, Create Your Holistic Business, Channeling Spirits, Psychic Creativity, Mediumship and Makeup Your Breakup (Relationship Advice).

MANIFESTING MAGIC:  The ‘Soul Abundance’ Law of Attraction Secret.”  (Clairsentience, clear feeling).  If you have been trying to get things, but find your efforts only manifest “no things,” it is time to learn something new. It is time to learn “Manifesting Magic.” This is a four step process which spells the acronym LOVE. Indeed if followed as this book explains, you will LOVE your life as it will manifest magic.  Learn more, read part of the book and buy it by going to and searching for this title.  Kindle version $2.99.  Hard copy $8.99.

CHANNELING SPIRITS:  Clairaudience for Spirit World Communications” – Gently develop your clairaudience (psychic clear hearing) to gain wisdom, healing, creativity, intuitive, psychic, mediumship perception and the wealth of help available to you from the spirit world with Spirit Medium Laura.   Learn more, read part of the book and buy it by going to and searching for this title.  Kindle version $2.99.  Hard copy $8.99.  

“CLAIRVOYANCE and PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT:   Third Eye Chakra Healing, Telepathy and Remote Viewing.”    A complete psychic third eye clairvoyance development course.   Includes: 1. Basic technique to connect, psychometry and picture reading; 2. Reading auras and healing with chakras (Rainbow Healing Return to Oneness, channeled from St. Ignatius Loyola, same Master Guide as famed Brazilian Healer, John of God); 3. Telepathy, Remote Psychic influence; 4. Remote Viewing,  Medical Intuition.   SAMPLE! Table of Contents and Chapter One here.     60+ pages. $24.11. Order here.

PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP:  Telepathy for Afterlife Communications” – Learn a natural way to speak to loved ones in spirit. 1. Making first contact using your existing tools, 2. Using the “family map” on the aura to connect; 3. Psychic detective; and 4. Evidential mediumship. Table of Contents and First Chapter are located here.Over 50+ pages. $24.11. Order here.  MEDIUMSHIP for SUCCESS with Mediumship.

Create Your Holistic Business – Want to love your work? Want to attract success by flowing with the energy current of your soul? “Create Your Holistic Business,” will help you get in touch with your soul’s mission on this planet, then gently bring it into the world. You will learn the simple PASS business blueprint success system to discover your ideal prospects, create a system, get the word out and then close the business. Features Selling with the SPIN system and Internet Marketing. SAMPLE! Create Your Holistic Business Table Of Contents and Chapter One here.Over 40 pages of helpful examples, details and features. Order here. Only $24.11. Success with Holistic Business Building.

“Makeup Your Breakup: The Love Recovery System.” A spiritual and practical approach to healing your broken heart to find love again. Includes removing karma using violet flame meditation, how to do psychic remote influence for soul to soul communications. As well, it contains page upon page of practical advise to sooth and improve you so you can heal! 50+ pages. $24.11. Order here.  There is no sample available on this book and no refunds.  


NOTE: Laura is available for support on all of these subjects. Please contact her at (954) 465-7338 or for your appointment.