ManiFAST! Karma BLAST! Removing Subconscious Blocks to Manifesting! Introduction

Removing Subconscious Blocks to manifesting your goals is the hidden secret to the law of attraction. Nothing happens until you unblock.

ManiFAST!  Karma BLAST!  Removing Subconscious Blocks to Manifesting!

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HEALING.  For a Clairvoyant Healing session you may book a 30 minutes minimum appointment at this link HERE.



Many of us love to go to healers to “get” healed, but all healing is you healing yourself, through beliefs.  Quite often we form our beliefs before birth when we create a soul plan and soul contracts.

Removing Subconscious Blocks
Chakras and Essential Oils Can Help Remove Subconscious Blocks to Manifesting Goals

These beliefs are “setups” created by our soul for our evolution.  They are there to move from fear to love by resolving, releasing and overcoming them.

As a child, when we encounter these “setups” we create beliefs for protection.  If we have an angry father we might create the believe men are easily angered so we can protect our self from being around an angry man.

When we grow older, we continue to hold these beliefs as fact, even though they might have never been true and were never needed.  These negative beliefs limit, block and control us.

They are based on fear.

This healing sequence is based on LOVE.  It will help you align with a higher, healed vibration to manifest desired goals in life.

Essential oils of the highest quality above therapeutic grade are part of the healing.  Only this type of oil has the unique capability of training your energy to a healed state.

It is like a HEALED FREQUENCY in a bottle.  The technical term for this is entrainment.

This healing uses chakras too.  Spirit has taught me a unique healing system where Chakras can be used as a “window to the soul” simplifying a look into your own Akashic records without the middle man of a healer.

YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!  The way this is done is using a system spirit created through me called Soul Talk Magic.

Soul Talk Magic is like the symbols you use in your dreams to work out problems.  You never studied symbols, yet they are universally accessible by everyone during dreams to heal.

Kind of awesome, right?

Soul Talk Magic accesses the symbolic system of the Chakras in this healing sequence.  You will actually “see” your problem, then heal it, using the power of archetypes, intention, the subconscious mind and vibration entrainment!

Truly revolutionary.

So this healing system, “ManifFAST, Karma BLAST!” can help remove a false belief, the block to realizing what you want in life.

By using this system you will clear a block so you can function at a higher level this life time, evolving to a higher vibration, from healing to happiness.

This is called Spiritual Evolution and is why you have incarnated.

END YOUR SUFFERING.  Create Your Life of Bliss.

I see it over and over in myself and in others.  We become like a dog chasing its tail.  We use the Law of Attraction and it does not work.

We try counseling, spells, giving up, stamping our feet and praying on our knees until we feel like nothing, and I mean nothing, will give us that which we want so badly, we cannot sleep at night we worry about not having what we want so much.

So what is the solution?  What can be done, at least from a spiritual perspective?

Some of the tools have been foreshadowed above.  Here is a summary of all components of the healing system.

Components of ManiFAST! KarmaBLAST!

  1. YOU.  You heal yourself, so you are incorporated into this dialogue.
  2. CHAKRAS as a window to your Akashic Records and vibrational healing.
  3. AKASHIC RECORDS.  You will gain access to your Akashic Records through your Chakras using
  4. SOUL TALK MAGIC (STM).  STM reveals Akashic  information about yourself using symbols, making it easy, user friendly and complete.
  5. SPIRIT ENTITIES.  John of God Entities whom I have been channeling for over 30 years, lead the way through this easy, powerful healing system.
  6. ESSENTIAL OILS (must be Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, CPTG, higher than simply Therapeutic Grade) train your vibration to a healed state, AUTOMATICALLY.  They powerfully work through the autonomic mind, the limbic system, a facet of the subconscious mind, training your vibration to a healed state.  In a healed state, we Karma BLAST!  ManiFAST!

TOOLS needed to begin.

1.  Meditation audio (see below).

2.  Pen and pad.

3.  Knowledge of Chakras and their meaning (see chart at bottom).  Review their meaning before doing the healing with a client.

4.  One issue to work on and great desire to remove blocks to attaining goal.

5.  Permission to use your intuition to heal.  :)

6.  DoTerra Oils for the chakras (listed below).  You can purchase HERE.


  1. Let Go in MEDITATION.  Take a meditation of at least 5 to 15 minutes so that you are in a quiet connected state.  I like to use the sounds of the ocean to do this.  There are many videos on which can help with this such as ocean sounds, or simply a Theta Meditation of some sort.
  2. Open in PRAYER.  Ask in prayer before you begin that you be given all that is needed to heal during this session at the level possible.  If you have multiple blocks you might have to do this over time until all blocks are gone. Do not be discouraged if this happens, but rather heartened to know you are now ready to remove a deeper block.
    1. Sample prayer.    “Dear Spirit please provide in protected space a clearing of all blocks to achieving this goal of mine.  STATE THE GOAL.  I give thanks that this is done.  Amen”
  3. VIBRATION ALIGNMENT with CHAKRAS.  Do these steps for each chakra to complete the healing.
    1. Imagine you are looking into your first chakra, the root, at the lowest part of the spine in the groin area. Do these steps for each chakra to complete the healing.
    2. Look for any color other than RED in this chakra.  This is your block. See next step, “Entirely Receive What You Get.”
    3. If the chakra is correctly colored (Ex. Red for Root Chakra, Orange for Sacral, etc.), then you do not have a block in this area.
  4. ENTIRELY RECEIVE WHAT YOU GET.  Whatever color you get is correct.  Do not second guess this.
    1. EXAMPLE.  You peer into your root chakra in the groin area and “see” the color yellow.  This chakra should be red and stands stands for scarcity.
      1. So if you see yellow in the root chakra this would mean you have scarcity of self esteem.   Check chart below to get the definitions of each chakra and their colors.
    2. ASSISTANCE.  If you have trouble doing this you can attain the services of a more advanced clairvoyant to help you in session.  You can book with Laura HERE.
  5. HEALING COLORS.  Using your imagination spray paint the correct color for that chakra into it.  Ex.  For the Root Chakra you paint in the color red.
  6. HEALING QUESTION.  After resetting the vibration using the symbolism of correct color of the chakra you are healing, ask your Soul, (Wisdom Center), “Are you NOW ready to release all beliefs, ideas and actions supporting this in your life?”  Wait for the answer.
    1. If NO, return to Step 4 and do again or stop and do another day.
    2. If YES., continue to next step.
  7. HEALING PRAYER.  Once you get the information simply state the affirmation in table below for the chakra you are at, adding any other words you feel reinforce the healing of this chakra.
  8. PENDULUM USE.  Now check with your soul using the pendulum to see if you have removed the block.  If it rotates in a clockwise direction the block has been removed.
    1. If the pendulum does not swing clockwise it means there is still more that needs to be done, so go back to Step 4 to clear the block and/or do another day.
  9. ENTRAIN with ESSENTIAL OILS.  Place the correct ESSENTIAL OIL on that Chakra in a clockwise rotation.  Do this for all chakras, both blocked and unblocked.
    1. Each chakra relates to all other chakras so what is not blocked today could be blocked tomorrow.  This will reinforce the clearing of a block through energy training (entrainment).
  10. DO the COMPLETE HEALING with the OILs DAILY FOR 30 DAYS to complete the healing.
  11. TUNE UP.  Tune up from time to time when you have a goal that has been evading you.  Your chakras do not lie and are there to offer you healing!
  12. NOT WORKING?  If this did not work to clear your block you MUST KEEP TRYING as many ways as you can to heal.  Here are some ideas.
    1. Spirit Medium Laura.  Book a private session with me where I will go into a trance state with you and get to the “root” of the problem and clear it with you and John of God entities.  You need at least 30 minute appointment for this.  Book HERE.
    2. Jade Balden.  Energy Healer.  I went to her for a healing.  Got GREAT results.  Please tell her Laura Mendelsohn, Spirit Medium Laura, sent you.  Contact:
    3. Mary Avila.  I went to her for hypnotherapy for a healing.  Got GREAT results.  Please tell her Laura Mendelsohn, Spirit Medium Laura, sent you.  Discount session HERE.
    4. Another healer?  If you have a healer you like add to the comments section here.  We are all in this together and want to evolve, right?  Share your thoughts, and comments below.

I did this on myself for an issue I had; a BIG issue.  I had already gotten healing twice for this issue without good results.

After I did the healing on myself I found the issue neutralized, which is what I wanted.  I no longer wanted to feel the charge of emotions the trigger gave me.

I hope you have enjoyed this session.




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