LIVE to 100 Years Old: The Power of Purpose

Live to 100 Years Old. The power of purpose goes well beyond feeling good about yourself. It just could be the magical elixir of youth.

LIVE to 100 Years Old:  The Power of Purpose

This morning I found an article about people who lived to 100 and what they did, bizarre or otherwise, to get there.  This is one of my most favorite subjects.

Live to 100 Years Old
Longevity Has Much to Do With Purpose

Why?  Well, because my Dharma or purpose is to work with spirit to help and assist those on earth evolve from healing to happiness.

Your Dharma or purpose is probably one of the most important components of your journey.

I stopped reading this article when I found Tao Porchon Lynch.  A former actress and model, she is the world’s oldest yoga teacher at 98 years old.

As I found out more about her a solution to a problem I had personally been transgressing of late came to me.

This beautiful 98 year old, Tao, unwittingly revealed to me, “Why ever retire from work?”

Having work you love is as therapeutic to your longevity as a healthy diet, loving relationships and optimistic attitude.

But it cannot be any work.  It needs to be work from your soul, something your Spirit Guides would approve of.

At times we refuse to see how important our soul’s service on earth is.  It is so important that according to the story in the book “Nosso Lar,” by famed Brazilian medium Xavier, when you transition to spirit you will still be doing this work.

Your soul’s work, your Dharma, gives you a sense of importance, that you matter.  It reflects how you are special, different, unique.  It allows that little slice of you expressing on this earth through a physical form, extreme meaning.

Having a purpose or service is what can give a human being longevity.

The first step to knowing your Dharma is to identify what you love to do, especially when you are bored or have nothing on your calendar that day.

One of the things I always loved to do when I had free time on my hands is learn about the spirit world, the after life, spirit guides, wisdom, spiritual law.  Anything supernatural or paranormal fascinated me.

This was well before I ever dreamed I would be working as a Spirit Medium or even that I was psychic!

I am certain in your life there are current clues to your Dharma, that sparkling magical aspect of self you love which can be turned into your service.

No matter what you love to do there is a way to make it into a service for others, where you can either do it as a volunteer or as a way to earn money.

When you know your gifts and apply them as service, you will never retire from work.  You will carry your Dharma with you to the spirit world.

You will find retiring from work is a useless concept.  Being who you are in service is a mandatory experience, as important to your healing to happiness as air is to your lungs.


Spirit Medium Laura

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