SILVER BIRCH: Nothing But NOW Channeled Message

Silver Birch and other spiritual entities teach the NOW is NOT the present. The NOW is the creative process itself which is spiritual love. Learn more inside.

SILVER BIRCH Channeled Message

This morning I decided to channel Silver Birch.  Silver Birch is an entity that appeared through Trance Medium Barbanell in the 1930s in London.

His work is filled with wisdom and healing for spiritual evolution.

Here goes.

Silver Birch
Silver Birch. Nothing but NOW Channeled Message

Can you bring in Silver Birch to me?  May I channel this entity?  Thank you.

The heart is the messenger of God.  The heart does not lie, does not mislead.

The heart is everything for you and those on earth.

We as your guides we teach the Heart through you.

You have come in as a mouthpiece for us in spirit world.  You have not gotten started yet with this cause.

The reason is you had to gestate a few years first.

Like the years you are going through now.

You are supposed to be a healer of earth vibration coming in to heal and help those in need of the Word as it is spoken through us.

We speak the word through you.

There is nothing magical about this.  Only love.

Love is the answer to all needs even yours.  Not love of self or love of another, but earthly love taken to a new level.  The level of spirit.

So the love we speak about is your love for humanity to help.

When you help others thrive and live to their highest potential you are helping others become something special, something they are supposed to be, not hope to be or think they are supposed to be.

We mean reaching their potential.

We are the Ones who work with the evolution of mankind through you.  Silver Birch is a part of this but there are more than him. 

There are us and others.  We come in through you to help heal the world one person at a time.

It is also thought forms.  When thinking is changed by you and others you get to help others evolve through their thought forms.

Each thought is a memory implanted in their subconscious to be removed slowly like a surgeon removing the poison from a wound.

There really is no past.  There really is no future.

These are illusions of love created to make you believe that you have control over your reality.

In reality though there is no past, present, or future.  There is only NOW.

Now is not past.  Now is not present.  Now is not future.  Now is now.

When you enter the NOW you will feel as one with the divine creative potential around about and in you.

So NOW is the Creator at its best.  Now is the generative process in life force energy.

Now is you and now is us.  We are the now as are you.

We say now is NOT the present because the present is an illusion too.  You create the present as a false memory from above. 

There is no present.  There are no circumstances too. 

There just is this space of opening to the energy of the all.  This is NOW.

So next time someone tells you they are upset with their life remind them there is nothing but now, not even the present.

The present they are so conditioned to believe is real is not real.  It is figment of their imagination.

When we speak to you about love, we mean to join the masses in love. To see it all as one totality in love. 

Love is the answer because love does not try to make something a certain way.  Love just is.  Love is acceptance.

When you understand the love is acceptance of what is as it is, you will have entered the space of now.


God bless

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