Light worker loneliness can be alleviated by leaning into your uniqueness. creating your own community and expecting to bring in something new to earth.


At times it might seem that you as a light worker have forgotten yourself.  You at times do not know who you are, where you are going or even if you should be on earth any longer.

The light worker frequently displaces the self.  Why?  Because the work of a light worker differentiates you from the masses.

Your life is no longer your own.  You no longer see things the same way the masses do.  In addition, your sensitivity to the masses has increased.

You cannot tolerate lower levels of chakra energy for long.  At times you feel like you are suffocating or displaced.

The light worker first needs to be aware of these changes in themselves.  At first doing the work of a light worker is fine, then over time you begin to sensitize more and more.

The energy of the masses is no longer supportive of you and how you see the universe.

You are alone, separate, redefining yourself, life and what it means to even exist.

The light worker is different, plain and simple.

You are not like other people.  You have come to earth to heal and help.  You are not supposed to be with the masses.

You are supposed to be alone, unique and guided by light.

The only way to see light is to see it your self in silence.

Your light is not the same as others light so therefore you need time to spend alone constantly re-framing the light, re-framing who you are and what you want.

To not do this is to ignore your charter, your soul contract for this life time.

You have come in to help others, to lead and guide them to personal salvation, to evolve from healing and to happiness.

So when you wonder why it is you want to be alone all the time, why you do not see things as others do, it is because you are a light worker plain and simple.

What to do about this?  Nothing.  It is your gift, your form and your plan.

You need to honor it.

Does this mean you should be alone all the time?  Of course not.  But it does mean you should be aware of the fact that the obvious choice will not be the one for you in love.

You need to seek those out that have a higher more conscious approach to life and living.

To find those who have a natural proclivity to find the light.  As you do.

You see you do not need to be alone, you need to be selective and respectful of the fact you are not like others, no light worker is the same.

This is why you are a light worker.  You are supposed to be bringing something in that is unique to you, to your vibration.

So being aware of this is firstly the most important thing you can do to make your life pleasant.

The second thing you can do is to seek the company of those seeking the light. This will allow you to select from those people, lovers and situations most conducive to pleasant life for you.

You are not alone.  You are alone in your journey to the light, but there are others like you who feel alone.  Do not ever expect to feel exactly like anyone else.

You are supposed to be different so you can raise earth’s vibration some way, even in the smallest way.

The best way a light worker can live in love and light is to find hobbies and activities that are supportive of their unique sight and vision, like art, painting, photography, writing, healing, therapy, etc.

The more you act on your uniqueness the more you find others will align to you and fix to you, thus allowing you to feel more connected.

A light worker that does not do his or her work will feel the most alone.

So in conclusion if you are a light worker expect to be different.

Encourage your unique voice to develop.

Seek the company of those moving toward the light, but do not expect to feel fulfilled by them, as the light worker’s duty or soul plan for this life time is to bring in something new.

Keep doing what it is you feel is your personal expression.  This will bring in your light, the work you are meant to do and the community around you.

Your community will be unique to you.  Another light worker will have their own community.

It is only through community that you begin to feel not so alone.

But remember alone is good.  It is your charter on earth.


The Ones through Spirit Medium Laura

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