Father’s Day From The Other Side: Heaven IS Real!

The Other Side is accessible and knows exactly what is happening on earth. A student delivered a message from my deceased fathers to me during class today.

Father’s Day From Otherside. Today my father & step father came through a student in a Mediumship class I was teaching.

So unexpected, so rare.  I believe events like this prove spirit is aware of what is happening on earth.  SO NICE!

The Other Side
Father’s Day From the Other Side


Here’s the thing.  Both myself and the student did not think about Father’s Day.  We were deeply emerged in the work.

It was not until 9pm ET the same day did I realize how spirit was trying to let me know they were aware it was Father’s Day and wanted to make an appearance to me!

My Father and Step Father rarely if ever come through during classes or other mediums, so their appearance was quite an event!

Both my fathers came through with such detail it was quite amazing.  Hair, career, temperament and other details glibly rolled off the tongue of my student.

Takeaways From This?

  1. Spirit knows what is happening on earth.  This was a deliberate “hello from heaven,” for me, to let me know Heaven IS Real.
  2. Mediumship is more accessible to the newbie than perhaps is generally thought.
  3. At times we do not “get” the significance of a message until later.

So if you ever doubted there is a spirit world, or if mediumship is real, I think this simple, subtle, cameo appearance of my “fathers” might influence your thinking.


Spirit Medium Laura

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