WHAT IS HELL? A working definition

Depression (emotion )
Depression (emotion ) (Photo credit: Andreas-photography)

WHAT IS HELL?  A working definition

This article is not going to explain a hell where you will find fire and brimstone.  Rather it will explain how hell is a state of mind, a belief system, where we are disconnected from source, spiritual sustenance, God.

JUDGMENT and EMPATHY. It is very tempting to want to judge as humans. We are constructed to make decisions, to judge, to want our ego in control.

EMPATHY and JUDGMENT. Empathy is the opposite of judgment. It is the experience of our connection to each other.

WE ARE CONNECTED. What goes wrong with you, goes wrong with me. Remember this the next time you feel unhappy.

WHAT IS HELL?   When you are unhappy you experience a version of hell.  Depending on the level of your discontent, is the level of hell you are in.


When you are UNHAPPY you literally are not connected to spiritual sustenance, to source. When you can “Let go, let God,” you experience the bliss of being part of the total energy of consciousness.

When we say one side of a criminal case is right and the other wrong, we are saying we are separate, disconnected.

WHAT IS HELL?   I would rather say, we all lost when something or someone is in conflict. This is a good working definition of HELL.

Much love and have a great day.


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