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Contact Laura at 954 465 7338 or Laura@SpiritMediumLaura.com.

SUMMARY:  Spirit Medium Laura is a psychic clairvoyant medium with a healing focus.  Laura has been channeling spirit 30+ years, is author of "INTUITION for SUCCESS with THE LAW OF ATTRACTION," (buy HERE), 3 other e-books, 4 video courses, radio host and featured in "100 Top Psychics in America," 2014 book (HERE).   Book private session HERE.

SERVICESPRIVATE SESSIONS & EDUCATION.  NEW!  I now provide "Do It Yourself Videos" in addition to PRIVATE SESSIONS, coaching, online and self paced video training, books, articles, newsletter and radio show.   Areas of expertise include psychic clairvoyance, channeling, mediumship, soul healing, relationship healing, soul abundance, medical intuition, psychic education and so on.  Details in the Benefits/Services section below.  

BENEFITS/SERVICES:   (Testimonials HERE). 

1.  SOLUTIONS to LIFE, HEALTH, LOVE, MONEY PROBLEMS at a soul level using "spiritual" insight from channeling spirit, akashic records, past lives, aura reading, chakra reading, psychic clairvoyance, remote viewing, medical intuition, manifest desires with third eye, and other tools.  BOOK PRIVATE SESSION HERE or order Do It Yourself Videos below. 

  • "THE 30 SECOND PSYCHIC: 3 Super Simple Ways to Get Psychic Messages for Yourself and Others." Buy Do It Yourself Video HERE

    .  Free intro HERE
  • CHANNELING SPIRIT to MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, LEARN LIFE PURPOSE.  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video to meet your own guides and learn your life purpose in a guided meditation, #2 Soul Channel, Step 3, Meet Your Guides, HERE.
  • AKASHIC RECORDS, PAST LIVES CHANNELING to UNDERSTAND YOURSELF BETTER.  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video for a channeled past life regression meditation at #2 Soul Channel, Step 4, Akashic Records, HERE.
  • AURA READING for UNBIASED INSIGHT.  Buy Private Session HERE or Do It Yourself Video!  LEARN how to read auras.  Buy video #3 Soul Psychic, Step 1, Read Auras, HERE
  • CHAKRA READING for KARMA UNDERSTANDING.  Buy Private Session HERE or Do It Yourself Video to learn how to read chakras for understanding karmic blocks at #3 Soul Psychic, Step 2, Read Chakras, HERE
  • REMOTE VIEWING to "see"  non contiguous locations, find lost objects, etc.  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video to learn how to see remotely at #3 Soul Psychic, Step 3, Remote Viewing, HERE
  • MEDICAL INTUITION to "see" inside your body for complimentary medical insight.  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video to learn how to "see" inside the body as a medical intuitive at #3 Soul Psychic, Step 3 HERE.
  • SOUL PURPOSE DISCOVERY using a soul archetype system channeled to Laura, providing profound clarification, clearing and activation of your Dharma (the work you are meant to do in this lifetime).  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video to open your soul purpose at #1 Soul Abundance, Step 2, Open Dream, HERE.
  • MANIFEST DESIRES using the third eye.  Buy Private Session HERE or Buy Do It Yourself Video that explains how to send remote influence instructions and telepathic messages to others.  You can apply this technique to send messages to the universe for fulfillment.  Buy  at #3 Soul Psychic, Step 4 Remote Influence and Telepathy HERE.
  • DREAM INTERPRETATION, for evolutionary soul growth, healing, consciousness expansion.  Spirit Medium Laura will psychically unravel the deep meaning of your soul's messages, allowing for deep insight, healing & happiness.   

2.  GRIEF RELIEF with mediumship.   Book Private Session HERE.   OR buy Do It Yourself Video to communicate with your loved ones in spirit on your own.  This is being created. 

3.  SOUL HEALING to Obliterate Karmic Blocks and Vibrate at Miracle Frequency.  Done by chakra reading, clearing and healing in private session.  Book Private Session HERE

  • OR buy Do It Yourself Video to clear your chakras (not read them) at #3 Soul Abundance, Step 3, Vibrate Higher, HERE

4.  RELATIONSHIP HEALING with spiritual guide channeling & telepathic remote influence.  Steps:  1.  Your spiritual guides/angels will psychically provide through me the cause of these events for healing both you and your partner.   2.  Telepathic remote influence for healing is sent to your relationship partner and to you.  3.  You are taught how to do this on your own for follow up.  4.  Other tools might be used depending on what the Divine Beings say.  Book Private Session HERE. 

  • OR buy Do It Yourself Video to learn how to send telepathic messages and do remote influence for healing at #3 Soul Psychic, Step 4 HERE.  

5.  AWAKEN ABUNDANCE, Let Go Karma, Open Soul Purpose (Dharma), Vibrate at Miracle Frequency to Engage Flow of GOD (Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny) using the channeled "Intuition for Success with Law of Attraction," soul psychic healing system.  Can be done in a single one hour session, Book Private Session HERE or longer discounted programs, Book HERE

  • OR in a Do It Yourself Video course at #1 Soul Abundance, Buy HERE
  • Good for:  
    • LOVE (Soul Mate) ATTRACTION.
    • PROSPERITY from GIFTS for "Soul Creatives."  Bring your soul work prosperously into the world based on the book I wrote, "How to Create Your Holistic Business."  "Soul Creatives" are holistic healers, coaches, writers, artists, light workers, inventive, entrepreneurial types.  Develop spiritual, psychic skills and build your business based on practical marketing techniques that work.

6.  LEARN PSYCHIC PROFESSION.  Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification program, training and tutoring covering intuition, channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship provided HERE

ABOUT:  Although I was born a Spirit Medium, I spent most of my life focused on money.  Through a series of coincidences I was guided from millionaire to medium discovering true wealth comes from purpose.  I feel honored at the privilege to serve you and spirit in such a profound way.   Biography details HERE.

CREDIBILITYExamples of My Credibility as a Spirit Medium Include.  Credential details HERE.

1.   Written the book, "INTUITION for SUCCESS with THE LAW OF ATTRACTION," (Buy HERE) and companion video course "Soul Purpose MAGIC" (to become a workbook) to improve your success with the Law of Attraction for money, love or weight loss in the Intuitive Playground, Coaching described HERE

2.  Written the "Create Your Holistic Business," book to guide you in group, and individual coaching sessions (HERE) to create your ideal work/money expression.  Written 3 other books and companion video courses (to become workbooks) to develop your psychic channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship gifts in group and individual settings.

3.   Featured in book, "100 Top Psychics In America," 2014.  Buy HERE.

4.   Featured article in Delray Beach Magazine.  Read HERE.

5.   Host of INTUITION for SUCCESS radio show:  Watch HERE.  Listen HERE.
6.   Awarded extensive list of testimonials HERE.  
7.   Published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul, Devotionals for Women."  Books HERE.  Videos HERE

8.  Filmed for TV.     Media list HERE.


I am your witnessI stand by you through your worst nightmares, your worst loss, rejection and fear.  I see your power.  I hold that space for you.  I hold your hand.  I help lift you from any deep pit in which you sit.  I am your strength, your mirror, your magnificence, the one who holds your space of greatness no matter how lost or powerless you feel.  It is my great joy and privilege to be this for you.  I am your witness.  Namaste, Spirit Medium Laura


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CONTACTSpirit Medium Laura’s offices can be reached at (954) 465-7338 or email laura@spiritmediumlaura.com.


Areas covered:  Global and South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lake Worth, Coral Springs, Royal Palm Beach, Parkland, Palm Beach Gardens, Pompano Beach, Jupiter, Tamarac, Green Acres, Sunrise, Lantana, Plantation, Oakland Park, Dania, Hollywood, Davie, and all of South East Florida, Florida, United States, Canada and global.