MEDIUMSHIP.  Is mediumship real?  Does consciousness really continue after life?

Here is a great video which offers a “scientific” look at the data.  Fascinating.  Go HERE.

After Life Data.  You might want to explore  This is the organization with which I do research.

Quality.  The best way to demonstrate Spirit Medium Laura’s level of accuracy, quality and method of work is to show you a video of a radio show she has done.  Below please find a video link to one.  Below that are guidelines to get the most from your mediumship session.

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LIVE MEDIUMSHIP on RADIO.  As well you can tune into her radio show to see further “proof” of the work she does.  Just go to this link HERE to tune into the show.

MEDIUMSHIP SAMPLES.  Look on right of this page at videos which demonstrates Spirit Medium Laura doing real, live and raw mediumship readings from past radio shows!

Guidelines for a great mediumship session.

1. Wait until your grief of loss has subsided.  Those in heavy grief block the energy from being sent in.  The Other Side is there, but your grief creates a wall, unbreakable.

2.  Meditate beforehand.  Be relaxed.  If you are driving for an in person appointment.  Plan on arriving 10 minutes early so you can relax and regroup.  Being relaxed is extremely important to the success of your session.

3.  Ask your loved ones to come into the session beforehand.  Literally ask in prayer that they be there during your session.  Ask them to give you proof of their identity.  Usually who you want does show up, but this cannot be guaranteed.

4.  Be flexible about what you get, rather than fixed.  We do not have much control over what spirit will deliver.  The more flexible about what you receive the more spirit will deliver unusual and highly specific information, which is beyond a doubt evidential.  Here is a radio show where about 50 minutes into show Annette asks Spirit Medium Laura to bring in a name from her loved one on other side, instead her father in spirit brings in a piece of information so electrifying it is undeniably him.  Go HERE.

5.  Be open to what you get.  If Spirit Medium Laura says something you think is incorrect, be open to it.   It probably is something you don’t understand or may not know when it is being said.  By saying, “I will check it,” rather than, “no it is wrong,” you allow spirit to remain open providing you unreal sessions!   But if you challenge everything with an analytical mind, you will close the channel.

6.  Try to recognize what you get.  The more you recognize what is coming in the more that does come in.  The less you recognize facts delivered the less you will get.   If you don’t remember just say, “I do not remember, but will check on it.”  This allows for more information be delivered.

Well there you have it.  Guidelines for the best mediumship session you could every want or ever imagine.


Spirit Medium Laura

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