A HAUNTING: Last Night A Phone Call

A HAUNTING:  Last Night A Phone Call.  Ah, my life is always filled with surprising.  I like it this way, so am not complaining, but this story is a bit disconcerting.

I was sitting at home watching TV.  My neighbor calls me to tell me there is a story on TV about a haunting.  Quite often people think because I do mediumship I am into haunting movies and TV shows.

I am not.  I really really really do not like scary stuff.  Ironically, I have NEVER been haunted, except as a child.  At that time spirits would appear to me especially at night.  I would be petrified, screaming they go away.

Finally my spirit guides arranged for them to go away.  Now they arrive when I call them in, but rarely uninvited.  :)

In any event I get this phone call from this young lady.  She was only 18 years old, with a baby boy.  She said another psychic had told her that her husband had a soul attached to him that was evil.

A HAUNTING:  Last Night A Phone Call.  It is unethical of me to say things off the top of my head, but I had such a strong message that her husband was very guilty about something he had done.  The young lady on the phone said, “yes,” he had cheated on her.

I explained that there are souls that enjoy attaching to those on earth who can be swayed to do unkind or unethical things.  However, if you are clear emotionally, doing the right thing, nothing or no one can harm you.

So if you ever feel haunted or think you have a soul attachment change your morality, your thinking your mind set.  Clean up your act.

As well, remove yourself from a fearful state.  This young lady felt all alone.  Her mother was in prison, her step mother was not talking to her.  She had no friends, recently relocated to Florida.

Her husband called her crazy.  Her little baby was starting to see ghosts in the house.

I said to her she was fearful, panicked, unsupported and felt alone, therefore she was vulnerable.  As well, this fearful state was picked up by her baby son and he was mirroring fear back to her.

I suggested she find a support group of some sort, perhaps from her church, and even pursue finding help for spousal abuse, as she was being hurt by her husband.

She said she would.  We did a clearing of her psyche and house over the phone.  I invited her to call me in the future to keep me informed.

A haunting then, can occur, if you are “hauntable.”  If you are feeling loved, stable, supported and have belief in good, you will only attract likeness in kind.  The spiritual law of Vibration states you can only attract what you are.  So be a clear, happy person and you will only attract clear, happy experiences.


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