ATTRACT LOVE: Authenticity to Attract LOVE, Channeled

Authenticity to Attract LOVE. The more you are authentic, supportive of you, the more you will attract love in relationships. Guaranteed. Learn how inside.

ATTRACT LOVE:  Authenticity to Attract LOVE

The more authentic you are the more you will attract love.  Why?  Because authenticity is love in its barest form.

Be authentic to attract love

When we are authentic we are saying to our self it is allowed to be who we are.  This is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Once you have embarked on backing yourself up, on the exciting path of self acceptance, you will begin to radiate a higher vibration, a lighter frequency.  You literally will release energy that was suppressed within yourself to be someone other than who you are!

Being who you are takes courage, for within the earth frequency it is generally acceptable to be someone other than yourself.  You are not encouraged to burp in front of another, nor ask for more of what you really crave.

You are supposed to “fit in.”  While it is desirable to blend with others in a hospitable way, it is not healthy to “stuff” the stuff you are made of within.

This only can lead to suffering, inward malignancy and outer sadness.

Being who you are is the powerful gift you can give yourself.  When you finally decide to take time to know who you are, to listen to your heart, then support this self with action, you will find others start to attract to you.

Each person secretly on earth is desiring greater authenticity.  When they see it in another they attract to it.

When you find a potential love partner and you are authentic to yourself and encourage that person to be his or herself with you, things will take on a magical effect.

You will soon discover that the formula for love and loving relationships is not forcing someone to do something that is inauthentic for them.  You will be giving that person permission to be supportive of them self.

You are supportive of yourself and you are supportive of them.

Suddenly harmony emerges.  If being yourself is not supportive of the other person’s self, then mutual support would require a loving break up.

So loving relationships are brought into and kept in your life by loving yourself first, then loving the other person the same way.

Authenticity, which is unconditional love of self, is the key to attracting love from another, being in love, staying in love and handling conflict.

Do not forget to ask yourself today, “How do I feel about this or that?  What do I want to do about it?  What can I do to bring happiness to myself?

When you take responsibility to bring happiness to yourself you will find all your relationships improve.

As has been stated before, “The most important relationship you can have is with yourself.  Get that right and all the other relationships in your life will improve.”

Give yourself what you want and need and you will find others will support this in their attitude towards you and in their actions.  It might seem like magic, but the more supportive you are of your needs, the more supportive others are of your needs too.

It is almost as if those around you were waiting for your instructions on how to treat you.

So next time you are in a conflicting relationship, focus on your self, not the other person.

Each relationship we have in our life is a reflection of how we are treating our self.  If we are not nurturing and supportive of who we are, we will notice the relationship is not nurturing and supportive of us.

It is important as well, if you are in a relationship to be careful to tell the other person they are supported by you as well.

You support yourself and your needs.

You support them and their needs.

If both of your needs are in opposition you can mutually decide to part or to stay in tolerance of each others differences.

As you know there are no two people alike on the face of the earth ever or will be.  This is the nature of earth.  Uniqueness, individuality and diversity.

This is at first a wonderful gift!  Think of all the discovery hidden within this richness.

This is at second glance a challenge, for learning how to celebrate versus denigrate diversity is the key to all harmony in relationships.

Be careful.  Be aware.  Ask for us [your guides] to help if needed.

The first place then is to ask yourself on a daily basis, “How does this feel to me.  Do I feel good or bad?”

If you feel upset by something or someone, you need to take steps to support your feelings.  You need to change something you are doing which created the situation in the first place.

This is called setting healthy boundaries.  Do you know how to set healthy, loving boundaries?

This is how.  Simply take steps to stop the behavior which caused the pain in the first place, while remaining in support of the other who upset you.

The more you do this, the better your love life will become, until you are strumming a banjo with a hum.  :)


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