MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE. Insights Into the Co-Creation Process

Manifesting abundance can happen when we learn that spirit is there to provide the resources, but we have to ask, believe and work to achieve our desires.

MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE.  Insights Into the Co-Creation Process. First insight:  If It’s To Be It’s Up To Thee.

Last night I was with my soul mate.   He is currently in my life as a friend.  A bit painful, but this situation is teaching me a lot about personal empowerment.

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Manifesting Abundance
Manifesting Abundance is done when we actively engage in the creation process.

Anyway, we went through this thing about him and why he cannot commit to one woman.   In my opinion he hit the nail on the head.

He was afraid of abandonment due to parental rejection as a child.   His father died when he was an infant.  His mother did not want to raise him, so sent him to live with a relative.

My dear friend heard over and over he was going to “break the hearts of many women,” from his aunt and other well meaning female relatives.

This somehow translated to him he was to get his emotional security by “breaking the hearts of women.”   In other words, have many women and abandon them before they can abandon him.

I suggested he needed to get his emotional security from his connection to a Higher Power, some call this God.

He interpreted this to mean, he should get very religious, not understanding my meaning.

What I meant is, when things don’t go right for us on earth, when we are unhappy or feel empty inside, it is time for a reminder.

We create our own happiness.  Although it sounds nice, God doesn’t do it for us either.

Ever hear the old adage, “God helps those who help themselves?”

So we are the only ones who can make happiness for ourselves.  This may sound a bit callous, but until you can say to yourself, “If it’s to be it’s up to me,” and mean it, you will be caught in the same astral circle of incompletion.

Here is a book I wrote on manifesting abundance.  The theory is when you align with your authentic self, instead of trying to get power from outside of yourself, you abundance begins.

MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE.  We Complete Ourselves, Not God or Another Person.

When we realize we are the ones who complete ourselves, not other people, places, things or God, we can gain something else.

When we manifest something into our lives, it is not because something outside of ourselves gave it to us, like God or a Spirit Guide or a healing or the universe or a magical incantation.

It is because the energy inside of us having a new expectation or belief, reached out and got what it needed to create the new expectation.

God, or the universe, did not swoop down and give us something because “s/he” thought we deserved or earned it.  No.

God gave us what we needed AFTER we asked for a new condition in our life.  We changed our expectations and beliefs enough to ask.

MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE.  God Doesn’t Do It For Us.  God Provides the  Supermarket.   We Get the Recipe, Buy The Ingredients, Cook the Meal.

Again things don’t happen to us.  We make them happen as we shift our energy, expectations, beliefs and what we are asking for.

It is like the entire universe is out there ready to assist us, if only we knew all we had to do was get busy by seeing, asking, doing and creating.

Nothing outside of you is going to happen just because you are crying or unhappy.

Everything is possible if you stop crying and start creating what you want by believing it is possible, searching for an answer then applying yourself to get results.  This truly is a co-creative process.

You are not given things.  You create things.  Go from passive to active to change your results.


Spirit Medium Laura.

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**GAIN ACCESS to FREE Readings, FREE Numerology Report, FREE Manifesting Webinars, FREE Spiritual Online Entrepreneur Training, FREE Mediumship Training Webinars and much more.  JOIN MAILING LIST AT RIGHT on this page. **


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