MAGIC CRYSTAL WANDS – Magnify Your Manifesting

I have found the best way to use a magic crystal wand is intuitively, in the way you feel it magnifies and focuses your intention.

MAGIC CRYSTAL WANDS – Crystals Magnify Intention

Crystals are well known to augment and magnify mental energy for healing and manifesting.  I have personally experienced this energy while witnessing a Shamanic Healing Session.

Below I will explain this story, how to use a magic crystal wand yourself and here is a link to one for manifesting abundance.

Citrine (for Abundance and Money) Wand 04 Yellow Agate Aura Crystal Healing Gemstone Quartz Garnet Stone Long

magic crystal wand
This magic crystal wand is great for manifesting money. There are wands for all types of manifesting needs.

Descripton from Amazon.  “Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone because it flows with the universal energy of cash flow. Place Citrine stones wherever you carry money. The warming gemstone also increases self-esteem and personal power, enhancing confidence, happiness and will power. Citrine can be used to open and balance the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.”


Once many moons ago I went to a Shaman my girlfriend found in the Village Voice.  The Village Voice is a very “hippy” kind of newspaper which revolves around The Village area in Manhattan, New York City.

She had agreed to be the subject of a man who claimed to have just returned from South America.  He wanted to explore working with crystals on her body.

It was such a funny story.  No matter how many crystals he placed on her body in key areas she felt nothing.

But I, sitting across the room on a chair, felt EVERYTHING!  I was in such a state of excitation I had to move away and finally out of the room.

Well, I guess I am very sensitive to certain types of energy.  I am the same way with spirit energy.  It can knock me off my seat.

Even if you cannot personally feel the energy of the crystal it will augment and enhance your manifesting work.  Use of crystals are one of the easiest ways to magnify your intention to manifest results.

There are methods taught on how to use a magic crystal wand the right way.

I have found the best way to use a magic crystal wand is by using your unique intuition during a visualization exercise.

Visualize energy going into the crystal, through it, and then into your manifesting target (that which you want) as a focused beam of light.

Here is an example of this.  Imagine you wanted to manifest love.  You had a vision board.  You were in deep meditation focusing on parts of the board.

You could enhance the effect of this focus by visualizing energy going from the magic crystal wand into the picture representing what you want.

The crystal wand is simply for magnifying your intention as energy while sending it into the picture or symbol of what you want.

Here is a wand I found which I think is gorgeous.    It would be great for manifesting love as the crystal is Rose Quartz.

MAGIC CRYSTAL WANDS – Magnify Your Manifesting for LOVE

Magic Crystal Wand for Love
Magic Crystal Wand for Love






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