Manifesting What You Want

Manifesting What You Want.   The Situation.

manifesting what you want
Manifesting What You Want is Easy If you Know How, Suspend Belief and Follow The Steps

Manifesting what you want, including abundant health, is fast and works when the Theta brain wave state is deliberately called upon to help.

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Theta brain wave is a daydream state where our subconscious can imprint to the creative reality our desires, thoughts and healing intentions.  The creative reality is the true world in which we live.

We as human souls have chosen to experience the illusion of separation from perfection, from that which we desire, dream about and want.

This “not having” is an illusion there to help us learn how to manifest anything we want.  Learning how to do this is the essence and meaning of spiritual evolution.

Theta brain wave state is a way to access our omnipotent potential, manifesting what we want.

Recently I again PROVED this concept.  I have had a life long health issue in my lower spine.

I remember physical therapists telling me my hip flexors were short and tight due to slippage of vertebrae in my lower spine.  I never really bothered to find out what that meant.

As well, I had one physical therapist tell me eventually my pelvic bone would be worn out from the slippage in my spine!


Again, I paid little attention, since I was able to ward off symptoms of pain and discomfort for many years through physical therapy.

But then something happened.  I began to experience significant pain when I would get up from sitting.  My hips would lock and I would be in terrible pain.

Finally after trying many, many remedies including a Kyro Bak, my sister swears upon for her own back and hip pain, I started to think maybe I would need a hip replacement.

Ugh!  I wasn’t that old and who wants to go through that?

Manifesting What You Want.  Solution Presented!

So I started to use Theta and intention to create a healing.  I specifically focused for 10 minutes a day while in theta brain wave state on visualizing my lower spine, hips and knees in perfect abundant health.

I suspended belief this would or would not work.  I simply did not even think about whether it would work.

I just focused on the desired outcome, knowing that spirit God would lead me.

And Spirit God did!

One night close to midnight during this difficult time I was online studying another unrelated subject.  There I noticed the words “hip flexors,” and had a faint curiosity about them.

Perhaps I had a faint memory of that term in relationship to my back problem.

When I went to the page I found all the symptoms I had and many more could be related to weak or shortened hip flexors!  I was hooked when the report said sitting a lot would further develop the problem.

I sat all the time for my work!

So I followed the routine recommended.  In about 2 to 3 days I began to see an immediate improvement in my posture and lessening of the pain in my hips.

This began to HEAL me!

Manifesting What You Want.  Conclusion.

There are few takeaways from this.

  1. Focused concentration in a theta brain wave state for 10 minutes a day will create desired outcome in your life.
  2. Sometimes a synchronicity or lucky coincidence will appear leading you to the desired outcome or manifestation.
  3. You CAN heal your body with your mind.
  4. Belief is not needed to achieve results.  All that is needed is a goal, theta brain wave state and 10 minutes of focus a day on that goal in that state of mind.

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