WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH: Grandma Josephine Shouts It Out

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH:  Grandma Josephine Shouts It Out

When I first started doing mediumship I did it to see what happens after death.  My mother was in hospice, which triggered my wanting to know where she was going.

At first I simply did the work.  Each time I did a discernment great information would come through, however, this evidence did not awe or surprise me in any way.

I thought this is what mediumship is.  You bring in evidence, the sitter validates it and you move on.

As compelling as all that evidence was, it was not enough to provide me CERTAINTY that consciousness survives the end of physical death.

Now my mediumship sessions have taken on a life of their own, triggering my pit to split, my hair to stand and my eyes to shine.

Something is going on here that I did not plan, seek, nor coordinate.  The sessions have begun to evidence a separate intelligence at play, not a projection of my expectations or an ability to psychically perceive and deliver facts.

Yesterday I did another mediumship session which demonstrated this.

I had two lovely ladies in the room with me.  I was conducting a mediumship discernment for one of them from her grandmother in spirit.

I was in the middle of demonstrating how to improve receiving direct communication from  her grandmother using a journaling technique.  In the middle of this illustration, a very strange thing happened.

I picked up my notebook, and said, “This is how you do it.  You write directly in your notebook Dear Grandma Jo—-.”

I halted wondering why the name “Josephine” was at the tip of my tongue.  I wondered if I had just heard this name somewhere else or my family of Italian origin was over shadowing my mind at the moment.

I forced myself to blurt it out to get on with the lesson.  “Grandma Josephine.”

After I said this my client interrupted me.  I was trying to continue with the lesson, however, my client started to ramble about her Grandmother Josephine in spirit.

I was shocked.  I was not trying to do mediumship at that moment.  I was merely trying to explain how to use journaling with dreams to get messages from her grandmothers in spirit.

If this was a coincidence, it was a highly unusual one.  After all the name Josephine is not that common.

After my client finished her delivery, I went to see if Grandma Josephine would deliver additional information about herself through me as the medium.  She did with a loud voice and much information.  My client looked complete.

She had told her grandmother Josephine before her session to appear during it.  She told me if Grandma Josephine had not come through during this session she would have lost faith in me as a medium and the process of mediumship!

If I had not had my mind occupied giving that mundane lesson about spirit communication, Grandma Josephine might not have been able to slip herself into our session!

It was the fact I was NOT doing mediumship that gave Grandma Josephine a chance to communicate with us during this session.  How’s that for a reverse technique?

The space you leave open during a session is just as important as the space you fill with mediumship.   It gives the souls in spirit a chance to use the medium to fulfill their intention!

After Grandma Josephine came in I was reminded once again how real this is.  Each time I now do mediumship the sessions deliver at least one unexpected event similar to this.

This makes me enjoy doing mediumship more and more.  It is always an adventure, always a discovery, always a surprise, just as people are.

I am now more convinced that life does continue after we die.  The details of what this life is like is difficult to conceive from a physical perspective, but maybe this will be the next level of information spirit will provide through these sessions.


Spirit Medium Laura

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