FAILURE: How Failure Is Good

FAILURE:  How Failure Is Good

Lately spirit has been teaching me a lot from failure.

If you consider yourself a competent, talented and accomplished individual who decided to try something new, perhaps get a certification, failure can come along with this.

Rather than look at it like a whack in the face, it can be there for you to improve your self esteem, identify who you are and prompt you to take better care of yourself in the future.

We are not meant to do well at everything.  Failure might be a way of spirit steering you further towards your strengths, talents and destiny.

How to Succeed From Failure
Failure can bring success

One of my favorite stories is about Albert Einstein.  Young Albert didn’t speak fluently until he was nine-years-old, causing teachers to think he was slow.  Yet now he is famous for his brilliance.

Maybe your failure is a signal of what you should study, do or be.

Recently I have been failing in getting certified in a new modality.  Turns out I discovered I am not set up to do this very well.

My mind now works in a mysterious, non linear way.  To pass this test I would have to try to train it back to an earlier time when I was more rote in my learning skills, and less profound in my contributions.

I could follow.  Now all I can do is create.  Funny, but true.

Being a creative thinker, is the reason I am so good at psychic work.  My mind is like jello, all over the place, a fertile field for spirit to lay its words.

So if you are failing at a test, rather than be upset, be proud of who you are.  Own your greatness.  Use testing as a way to further define who and what you are.

If you fail at a test, you can study harder, or perhaps walk away with the message that those skills are not who you are, nor what you are meant to do.

You can use the test to understand yourself better, value that and develop it.


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