SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR. Clarity Essential Oil Young LivingGET CLARITY. If you use Clarity™ before conducting a healing or intuitive session, you are supported in accessing higher mind more intensely.

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So how do you do this?

Very simple.

  1. LEARN YOUR BUSINESS FOCUS. Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur is usually part of your soul plan for this life time. Your biggest life challenge is usually the foundation of your business focus. That which you heal becomes the cornerstone of what you heal foro others.
  2. OPEN YOUR PROCESS. The next step is to create a method for your business to complete its focus. What is your modality and how do you do it?
    • Example. My process is LOVE. The steps of LOVE include Let Go of karmic blocks, Open Your Soul Plan, Vibrate at the Frequency of this Plan and Entirely receive your divine flow. I use mediumship and clairvoyant healing to accomplish this.
  3. VOCALIZE MARKETING. This step includes
    1. Create your message based on your soul’s healing this life time. How did you heal yourself? How can you heal others?
    2. FREE Offer.
      1. Turn your message into FREE product, and other higher end FEE products.
      2. Have a Facebook Live Show, Radio Show, or YouTube.com Channel to offer face to face message to prospective clients.
    3. Give FREE offers to build mailing list.
    4. Sell to those on your mailing list products and services you created and from other vendors.
  4. ENGAGE SALE. After you have done above steps you will have passive and active income. Building passive income is the most important thing you can do to create personal freedom.
Follow Your Light to Become a SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR


Here are few brief ideas.

  1. Sell Young Living Oils. I do as part of the healing. You should never sell a product. You always should focus on the solution. Then the product sells itself.
  2. Sell other products from other vendors. I have been offering a FREE Numerology Report which leads to sales. Here is my vendor page.
  3. Sell your own products. These products can easily be created from your online webinars on Facebook, or radio show, etc. They can be part of a book you write describing your healing offering based on your spiritual journey. I sell my courses and books described HERE.

Well, there you have it. Some ideas to get your started on your SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR journey. Book me for your private session when needed HERE.


Spirit Medium Laura



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